This Email Guideline is a supplement to the Brand Guideline which covers the use of our identity system. Get the guide at (internal audiences), or internal AMS access, and (external audiences).


NetApp Logo

The NetApp horizontal logo is located above the masthead, set flush left, and linked to The logo should not use the registration ® mark.

The email template is centered within the email client window. The background color of the email template is Hex #F8F8F8. The N Graphic and photography can be changed to a variety of pre-sized options found in the Mashtead Template Guide. Do not create your own graphic files, nor purchase stock photography; only select from the Masthead Template Guide.

NetApp Color Palette

Primary Palette:

The Primary Palette consists of NetApp Blue, black, white, and grey. These colors are used throughout the visual identity. NetApp Blue is our official color and families well with the Extended palettes.

Use NetApp Dark grey for all text.

NetApp Blue
(PANTONE® 300 C)

CMYK 100/45/0/0
RGB 0/103/197
Hex #0067C5

CMYK 0/0/0/0
RGB 255/255/255

CMYK 0/0/0/100
RGB 0/0/0
Hex #000000
Dark Grey

CMYK 0/0/0/80
RGB 88/89/91
Hex #58595B

Extended Cool Palette:

The Extended Palette expands the range of cool colors established in the Primary Palette and introduces a new set of warmer colors. The breadth of this palette supports the Primary colors, providing a foundation with which to build a variety of fresh and creative applications.

CMYK 98/82/9/1
RGB 30/74/147
Hex #1E4A93
CMYK 100/45/0/0
RGB 0/119/191
Hex #0077BF
CMYK 70/15/0/0
RGB 38/169/224
Hex #26A9E0
CMYK 57/5/0/0
RGB 90/192/237
Hex #5AC0ED
CMYK 57/5/19/0
RGB 102/190/203
Hex #66BECB
CMYK 32/0/21/0
RGB 172/219/208
CMYK 90/30/95/30
RGB 0/104/56
Hex #006838
CMYK 80/4/94/23
RGB 17/139/66
Hex #118B42
CMYK 70/25/100/8
RGB 89/140/63
Hex #598C3F
CMYK 67/7/100/0
RGB 96/175/70
Hex #60AF46
CMYK 54/4/91/0
RGB 129/188/80
Hex #81BC50
CMYK 40/0/81/0
RGB 162/206/96
Hex #A2CE60

Extended Neutral Palette:

CMYK 0/0/0/80
RGB 88/89/91
Hex #58595B
CMYK 0/0/0/70
RGB 109/110/112
Hex #6D6E70
CMYK 0/0/0/60
RGB 128/129/132
Hex #808184
CMYK 0/0/0/50
RGB 146/148/151
Hex #929497
CMYK 0/0/0/40
RGB 166/168/171
Hex #A6A8AB
CMYK 0/0/0/30
RGB 187/189/191
CMYK 0/0/0/20
RGB 208/210/211
Hex #D0D2D3
CMYK 0/0/0/10
RGB 230/231/232
Hex #E6E7E8

Extended Warm Palette:

The warm tones of this palette provides greater flexibility for addressing the finer details of a design application, including information graphics and data visualization. This page shows the warm tones within the extended palette.

CMYK 47/90/23/4
RGB 145/60/122
Hex #913C7A
CMYK 58/83/0/0
RGB 128/76/157
Hex #804C9D
CMYK 38/75/0/0
RGB 163/93/164
Hex #A35DA4
CMYK 37/60/0/5
RGB 156/114/171
Hex #9C72AB
CMYK 23/92/91/15
RGB 170/52/44
Hex #AA342C
CMYK 13/100/99/2
RGB 207/33/40
Hex #CF2128
CMYK 0/90/85/0
RGB 238/64/54
Hex #EE4036
CMYK 0/75/61/0
RGB 241/101/92
Hex #F1655C
CMYK 3/85/99/8
RGB 215/72/34
Hex #D74822
CMYK 1/77/100/0
RGB 238/96/35
Hex #EE6023
CMYK 4/57/99/0
RGB 235/133/36
Hex #EB8524
CMYK 2/38/100/0
RGB 244/167/28
Hex #F4A71C
    CMYK 10/35/52/0
RGB 2/21/41/0
Hex #E2AB80
CMYK 2/38/100/0
RGB 244/167/28
Hex #F6CC9B


Gotham SS & Arial

Gotham SS is our primary font for digital applications, and has been designed specifically for viewing on screen. Due to many email clients not being able to render custom fonts, we are defaulting to using Arial as the fonts for email copy.

If you are creating graphics which contain copy, we would then use Gotham SS for headlines and Gotham Narrow SS for body copy. Contact Creative Services to obtain information on where to purchase the Gotham font.

Arial is the font used for emails, both internal and external.

Double-byte Language Fonts

The Gotham font is not available in non-Roman typefaces. Use the options below for the following languages.

Language Font Foundary
Chinese Simplified HY Zhong Hei
HY Zhong Hei Simplified Chinese J
Chinese Traditional Noto Sans CJK TC
Hebrew Noto Sans Hebrew
Korean Noto Sans CJK KR
Russian (Cyrillic) Open Sans

NOTE: If you use Adobe Typekit, the Noto Sans font is available under the name Source Han Sans for Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.

Email Templates

Email Templates

Below are the details for the dimensions, spacing, font treatments, etc., for email templates which have been created by Marketing Automation team. Samples of commonly used emails can be viewed below.

Internal self-serve templates can be downloaded from, in OFT (for PC, and EML (for Mac)) formats. External facing demand generation activity driven email templates can be requested from Marketing Automation, through a ticket request in AMS.

If you need additional guidance for external email requests, contact Internal email questions are to be directed to Creative Services

1-Column Email Template

The content and masthead for each email template can be customized. Each of the four masthead options, shown here, can be used in one or two column layouts. Select from a variety of masthead graphics and color options in the email masthead theme site.

One-column guide

2-Column Email Template

The content and masthead for each email template are interchangeable. Each of the four masthead options, shown here, can be used in a one or two column layouts. Select from a variety of masthead graphics and color options from the email masthead theme guide.

two-column guide


The graphic images sectioned within each masthead are interchangeable, with a variety of options available to select from, in our email masthead theme guide. For external demand generation activies, once you've made your selections, include those in your AMS ticket.

Internal emails are self-service, with the option to change the graphics in the masthead. Internal email templates and instructions are available from Masthead graphic options are available in the email masthead theme guide.


NetApp's icons enable users to navigate tasks and ideas with intuition, speed, and ease. Simple and friendly, NetApp's icons work equally well both as tools and as expressions of our brand. Apply icons to improve usability and universality or to signify ease and accessibility. Use of Pictograms and Network Icons are detailed in the Brand Guide. All icons and pictograms are available in AMS.

Copy Formatting


Links should always be in hex color #0067C5.

Link List

In-text body copy as well as headers and subheads can be hyperlinked.

Header Link

Header Link

Paragraph Links

Paragraph Links

Link List

Link List

Internal Linking Within an PC Outlook Email

There may be a time when you need to include anchor links within your email newsletter. Instructions on how this is done in Outlook, on a PC, can be found on this blog: Internal Linking Within an Outlook Email


Call to action (CTA) buttons should be left-aligned. The blue CTA button is the priority call to action button for emails. There is an grey button option for use in the right column, as well as a link with a blue arrow on the right of the link. The only option of using a white button with a dark grey label, is when the photograph is difficult to see on the photograph or a dark, solid colored background.

The button master PSD file is available for download from AMS, or from here When creating final files, same them as PNGs.

Partner Logos

There are three (3) locations for adding Partner logos, depending on which masthead is select for your email communication, and the layout of the email template. One option is directly under the masthead. This option is to be used if 3 or more logos are to be included. If using more than 3 logos, the additional logos are to be added to a second row. Use the right column, or in-paragraph option if you are only including one or two partner logos. Save your final files as PNGs.

NetApp and 3rd party logo placement and size depends on who the communication is from. NetApp-led communcations use our logo in the signature, upper-left position. Third party logos should have less visual prominence than the Netapp logo and include contextual information (i.e. in partnership with).

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Sponsorship Logos

Sponsor logos are located before the footer of the email. If more than 3 logos are needed, the additional logos are to be added to a second and 3rd row.

Speaker/Author Photo Frame

The master Photoshop file of the Speaker Photo frame can be downloaded from AMS or from here It is to be used for all speaker or author photos. Do not alter the appearance of this file. The size can be adjusted to be smaller, but not larger. If a larger file is required, submit an AMS ticket for Creative Services Web Design team to assist. Save your final files as PNGs.

Photo Inserted


1-Column Layout

2-Column Layout, Right Column | Photo/Name/Title centered in column


All external emails should end with the copyright, Privacy Policy, Unsubscribe, Update My Profile and Contact Us links, along with the local Corporate office address, set flush left. “Stay Connected” and social media icons are set flush right.

The opt-in statement is used by all countries except US.

Internal emails only require the copyright, privacy policy and address from a corporate office address. It is not a requirement to include social media icons and links, and the opt-in statement is not appropriate for internal email distribution.


Technical Design Tips

Tips for HTML E-Mails

Template Library

Currently we have 4 email masthead options. Each is suiteable for a one or two column email layout. You also have the ability to customize the masthead. A variety of N Graphic and photo options are available from the Email Theme site. Make you selections and include those in your AMS ticket for Marketing Automation to fulfill your request.
    One Column Templates - External
    One Column - A
    One Column - B

    Two Column Template - External
    Two Column - A

    Emails & Newsletters - Internal
    Internal email templates can be viewed and downloaded from Here you'll find appropriate files for the PC and Mac, along with detailed instructions on how to customizing your email for internal distribution.

For additional information contact